Friday, June 6, 2008

Some good news and some bad news

I've got two items regarding the Blackberry community today...

Google has updated it's maps application for the Blackberry adding transit info such as train routing, bus schedules as well as some performance upgrades for map updating. I've been playing with this app today to see for myself and I would highly recomend the download.
Follow the link below from your Blackberry browser to download OTA.

That was the good news...

The bad (or not so bad) news is that there are two scheduled data outages scheduled for this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday, June 7th and 8th the Blackberry Data Server will be down from 1am until 5am CST for "server performance upgrades." This could be a welcomed thing because of the recent problems that we've been having lately with the Blackberry's bouncing back and forth between having data coverage and being back in the GPRS stoneage over the past couple days.

Obviously not many of you will be using your handsets at that ungodly time of the morning, but, nonetheless, I would recomend a full battery pull both mornings just to make sure you get your phone to apply the server changes correctly.

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