Thursday, June 5, 2008

AT&T Data Service Problems... Anyone?

Is anyone else having trouble with their Blackberrys here in Northwest Arkansas? I've been having trouble lately with my phone bouncing back and forth between GSM, low level edge and gprs. When it does this, obviously, it will not fetch my emal, won't send or receive text messages, or even send and receive phone calls. It will disconnect for hours and then eventually connect again and I'll get voice mails, emails and texts galore all at the same time. My wife keeps getting mad at me when I don't answer anything for a couple hours. :)

I've tried all of the normal tactics such as rebooting, hard and soft resets, even sending service books, but nothing seems to help. The thing that is confusing me the most is the fact that none of my blogs are saying anything about it. Normally when something like this happens, even on a small scale, they all go crazy with stories. They always take the opportunity to talk bad about AT&T.

Beyond that, it's not just me either. I thought for a while that it might be my new version of the Blackberry OS, but my boss Bryan is having the same problems. I haven't asked anyone else at work yet to see if maybe it's a church account thing (since all of the FBC and CPH phones are on the same account).

If anyone else reading this has had a similar situation, please comment or email and let me know. Maybe it's just a temporary thing.

Fingers crossed.


Superchikk said...

Chris has been having this problem too, especially today.

Phillip Stewart said...

I've talked to several people here at work the past couple days and they have all been having the same issues. Since the server maintenance yesterday and Saturday, it seems to be working better. Maybe they have the problem worked out now.